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Hi! Things that have come true in demolition man Wiki (long title sorry) was inspired by the inestimable Molly Wood from . Molly asked for a site detailing all the stuff that was shown in Demolition Man that had come true, so here it is! I'm hoping to fill this out over the next few days but I would love the help of the BOL listenership. All contributions are welcome.

Arnold will become PresidentEdit

He's already the govenator, how long before he makes an amendment like they said in the movie so he can become president


walgreens employess are required to say "be well"


Sandra Bullock talks from her car with a man using an iPad like device. Skype, VoIP, etc.

GPS NavigationEdit

Sandra Bullocks' car pronounces upcoming location.

Biometric AuthenticationEdit

Iris scans. UK is trailing IRIS system for border control.

Automated censorshipEdit

In the movie tickets are issued for swearing. Great Firwall of China, parental controls, url/word filters.

Voice recognitionEdit

Simon uses the password to disable handcuffs and escape the prison. Google Voice?

Electric Self Driving CarsEdit

See Prius, Mercedes S Class auto braking/acceleration, DARPA challenge. Google has develop driverless cars, saying its tested the vehicles by driving over 140,000 miles using software, sensors and a human minder.

Individual Car profiles for driversEdit

When Lenina Huxley is driving she activates the police profile which changes the way the car acts. Most carmakers now do this for aircon, radio, seat position. Cars can now change the vehicle dynamics with things like iDrive and sport mode. The Audi's mag suspension can even change the chassis characteristics.

People living in large groups undergroundEdit

Ok so it's due to homelessness not actively rejecting society but see Vegas, New York etc to find big groups in the sewers and subways

Teleconferencing with your face on a robotEdit


Taco Bell is an upscale restaurantEdit


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